» 4 Tips for Better Client Communication


	Understanding the New Rules of Client CommunicationApproximately 80% of engaged couples use email to inquire about their products or services – that’s a huge shift from the more traditional phone calls and appointments that many pros may be used to! Because more and more client communication is taking place online, understanding the communication preferences of today’s couples is important for setting your business apart from the competition.

Response time and method can make a huge difference in whether or not you get the business, so check out thesetips to help you better manage your client communication with statistics about consumer communication preferences.

Know when to be ready to reply

Roughly 33% of all online leads are submitted on Monday and Tuesday. During the weekday, lead submission is generally the highest between 11am-4pm; however, a second peak occurs after couples are home from work between 8-10pm.

Since most couples expect to hear back from a vendor within 24 hours of sending an online request for more information, it’s vital that you take note of these peak periods so you can dedicate time to reply. With those two peak periods spanning most of the work day, plan to reply to last night’s inquiries first thing in the morning and the day’s inquiries at the end of your work day. This way, you can address incoming inquiries in a timely manner without interrupting your day each time you see a new message appear.

Respond as quickly as you can

39% of professionals say they respond to an inquiry within 24 hours, meaning that the majority take longer than a day to respond due to busy schedules, appointments, and other events. In fact, 40% of couples say they haven’t heard back from a vendor within 5 days, leaving a negative first impression and giving other wedding pros the opportunity to win their business instead.

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If you’re not able to respond within 24 hours, try sending your prospective client a quick message thanking them for their interest in your business and letting them know you will respond with more information specific to their questions soon. This small effort can go a long way with clients who expect a timely response, especially if you know you won’t be at your computer for a few days.

Respond in the format they use

Whether your client likes to email or talk on the phone, data shows it’s important to take a cue from your clients and respond to their inquiry in the form you received it. That’s why 48% of couples express frustration when their vendor does not reciprocate their preferred communication type. Many couples who submit online or email inquiries do so while at work or in between other social activities, which means they’re not able to answer a phone call. If a prospective client sends you an email, answer through email; likewise if they call you.

Send a tailored response to each inquiry

Over 60% of wedding professionals respond to an email inquiry with general information, pricing, and availability. However, around 10% don’t respond to the questions asked by the couple but reply with alternative information or ask to set up a phone call – both which can be discouraging responses for potential clients.

When responding to inquiries, always address the questions they’ve included in their message. If you need to ask more questions in order to answer them more thoroughly, answer to the best of your ability and explain why you need more information. Pushing a phone call or in-person appointment too soon can seem aggressive and may result in the loss of the inquiry.

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