» 4 Tips for a Better Website

4 Tips for a Better WebsiteWhen was the last time your wedding business revamped your website?

As technology continues to improve, so should your website! New techniques and trends may be available that you’re missing by not re-evaluating your website. As a wedding professional, it’s imperative that your website be up to date! Consider these 4 tips for a better website to increase traffic and retention so you can boost the amount of leads and revenue your website drives.

Add video content

Video content is not only a strong component of search engine optimization, but it is statistically proven to increase the likelihood of a customer purchasing your product. Because video content is more eye-catching, it also increases the likelihood of a customer returning to your site. Consider an engaging video of your work space, or of your unique product!

Check your loading time

Does your site load quickly? Keep in mind if your site takes too long to load, you could lose customers before they even see your product. In today’s fast-paced environment it is crucial to have a speedy site, in fact, 57% of consumers abandon a site if it does not load within 3 seconds. Try testing out your page speed from time to time to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Make sure you’re mobile friendly

The majority of traffic to your website most likely is coming from a tablet or mobile phone. If your website does not function or is not user-friendly from a mobile device you could be losing a large chunk of your potential client base. If your website does not offer mobile options, consider using the Mobile Website Creator in your WeddingWire account. This code will make your business website accessible from a mobile device.

Showcase your reviews

Adding testimonials on your site is a proven way to increase the likelihood of a potential client booking with you. Statistically, 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. If you are already collecting reviews for your business on your advertising platforms, be sure to bring these testimonials over to your website as well. Adding your reviews to your website is easy with our Reviews Widget! This code allows you to showcase your WeddingWire reviews on your website! Also consider adding any awards you have one to your testimonials page, such as WeddingWire Rated or Couples’ Choice Award badges.

Overall, be sure your website is designed with your customer is mind. Having a user-friendly website with the content they want to see will increase not only your website traffic but also your capacity for more sales!