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4 steps to more sales Webinar recap!

Whether you like it, love it, or hate it – selling your products or services is a critical aspect to running a successful business! In the wedding and events industry, you may face a variety of challenges in establishing and closing business from client consultation meetings, calls, and emails.

In this month’s educational webinar for premium members, WeddingWire Education Guru Alan Berg shared the key sales tips and strategies your business needs.

What are the 4 steps to more sales? Check out the highlights!

  • Get their attention: It is important to think client first, and meet them where they are searching for their wedding team. Keep your WeddingWire Storefront fresh, post conversationally on social media networks, attend the big local bridal shows and events, and network in your community to name a few! Finally, always ask your current clients for new referrals to keep your sales funnel and potential leads full.
  • Get the inquiry: Once you capture their attention, how do you get them to submit an inquiry for a meeting, email or call for more information about your services? Make it easy to find your contact information, simple to be in touch with a quick form, and provide the basic information they would need to make a decision to reach out available on your site without giving away too much! Reviews are a great way to showcase personal testimonials, and help encourage prospects to reach out for a personalized consultation to see how you can help with their special day.
  • Get the appointment: Now that you have the inquiry, how do you solidify your appointment? First, respond to all inquires in a timely manner, and always remain professional and polite (but feel free to inject some personality in this business). Commit to a professional, client-oriented email conversation by focusing on the couple, asking their needs and collecting basic details prior to an appointment so the couple will feel that you are committed and connecting with them. Remember not all meetings have to be in person or on the phone. If a client is more comfortable with some details back and forth via email – go with it! This will help gain their trust. Just be sure to stay on top of asking for a booking when the time is right.
  • Get the sale: What is the key to booking the business? Ask better questions and actually listen to the answers! Have a personal, professional conversation with your prospect where you get to know their needs, share information about your business and how you can help them – then ask if they are ready to book your service. Don’t be overly ‘pitchy’ – this will feel forced and insincere. Instead, be confident about your business and don’t walk away from the conversation without asking for their business. If they need time, be respectful and set a time when you can follow up.

Missed the webinar? Review it now in the Education Center! Want more sales advice from Alan? Check out his article, Why do couples ask first ‘how much does it cost?’ for more great tips on closing the sale.

What are your best sales tips or biggest challenges? We would love to hear from you!