» 3 Ways to Improve Your Website

As engaged couples search for the perfect Wedding Pros for their big day, they will compare many businesses. So how does your website or blog stand out from all the others? Focus on the tips below to help turn visitors into clients.

Don’t Assume. While it is pretty clear you are a photographer or an officiant or a band, make sure you tell your website visitors what you are all about. What is your main focus? What sets you apart? Tell them why they should pick you.

Make a Promise. One of the first things someone sees when they come to your website is what they are going to get from your business. Explain what you have to offer whether its capturing the moment for their wedding day, or taking care of every last detail.

Simplify. The idea used to be, the more content the better however you want to make sure you streamline your website to avoid any confusion. Make it easy to read and clear with 14 – 16pt font and images that clearly relate to the content of your page.

For more information about converting visitors, watch this video.