» 3 Ways Displaying Pricing Information Generates More Leads


Statistics from WedInsights Volume 6Couples spend a lot of time researching the perfect wedding vendors and one of the main things they look for before reaching out is the potential price tag – and no, it’s not because they’re price shopping.

44% of wedding professionals say their prices vary per customer, which is why they prefer to have a dialogue or meeting to collect more details before providing a price point. Although couples understand there may be a variance in price, they express frustration when they cannot get a general baseline and are more likely to continue a conversation with a vendor who willingly provides this information as a starting point.

Below we share some of the insights from Volume 6 of the WeddingWire WedInsights Series to find out how displaying pricing information can help your wedding business connect with more qualified couples online.

Stand out as a possible choice

Due to the importance of pricing information, many couples bypass vendors who don’t display pricing information and focus on those that give a price indication up front. In fact, 88% of couples want to see pricing before reaching out to contact a vendor. Couples simply don’t want to waste their time or get excited about a product or service only to discover it’s outside of their budget. Give prospective clients the information they need to send a lead by adding initial pricing information to your website and additional online listings.

Establish trust at the point of inquiry

Couples hate nothing more than to ask “how much” and in return get forced into having a conversation or sales pitch in order to get an answer. As much as we know that wedding professionals prefer to have a conversation to get all the details and provide an accurate price, couples just want to get a baseline. Don’t be afraid to answer the question and then ask to set up time to chat. And remember – despite budgeting and planning, 74% of couples come in over budget. Only 10% of couples report coming in right on budget and 16% under budget, indicating that couples are willing to be flexible, but they need to feel comfortable with your business before they can make adjustments.

Make the buying process easier

Although showing any pricing information is better than none, our data shows that couples prefer to see pricing packages as they provide more digestible information in a simplified way. As an expert in your industry, you know what most couples want for their wedding day, so it’s important that you guide prospective clients and educate them on what’s most common. Even if you’re flexible with your pricing and packages, it’s helpful to give couples a starting point.

When it comes to displaying pricing information, the important part is making the customer feel like there is a potential match in price points upfront – that opens the door for you to sell yourself and the expertise you can provide!

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