» Show Off Your Real Weddings

The WeddingWire Blog is accepting submissions! Your Real Wedding, Style Shoot, or E-Session could be featured on our top wedding blog for WeddingWire’s community of engage couples to see. Use this great opportunity to promote your business and inspire potential clients.

What are we looking for? A selection of Real Weddings from a variety of locations and industry categories in order to ensure a wide range of content. Make sure to include your best colorful photos of little details, loving couples, joyous wedding parties, and more.

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» It’s Time for Your Business to Go Mobile

Whether from an inbound email or searching for information while on the go, it’s time to make sure your business is mobile ready. According to Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley,  mobile users will outnumber desktop users within the next 5 years. It’s evident mobile use has already caught on and will only continue to grow in the coming years. Some major trends include location based services, e-commerce platforms  and mobile entertainment.

So how do you build a mobile version of your website or blog? You may want to get a professional involved if you aren’t familiar with the process. A good place to get started is watching past webinar given by WeddingWire’s CMO, Sonny Ganguly, called Time to Mobilize. Sonny discusses why it’s important for your business to go mobile and 10 tips to keep in mind, such as:

1. Set up a subdomain. WeddingWire uses m.weddingwire.com for our mobile site. For more information click here to read the press release.

2. Eliminate Flash. If you have any type of flash on your website, strip it down to the bare bones for your mobile version. Flash and other graphics can be difficult for mobile devices to read.

3. Keep it Consistent. Though you will be creating a different site, it should relate to your main website with the same overall look and feel.

Good news! Your business’ WeddingWire Storefront is already featured off the WeddingWire mobile site as well as from our Android and iPhone applications.

» What Are AdWords & How Can They Work for You?

Per a recent discussion on the WeddingWire Pro Forum, we thought we would provide some background information and resources to get you started if you aren’t familiar with Google’s AdWords. Let us know about your experience and feel free to discuss or get advice from fellow Wedding Pros in the forum!

Simply put, Google AdWords are customizable advertisements you can purchase based on keywords related to your business. You have the flexibility of choosing your keywords, advertisement messaging, and budget. Unlike some tools where you may have a hard time tracking if it’s really working for your business, you can easily view and track your success (or lack thereof). As Google celebrates 10 years of this service, many companies have seen success with AdWords however your results will obviously vary based on the keywords and advertising campaign you choose.

You can’t expect to see leads to start flying in as soon as you turn these on though, you will need to play with what works and what doesn’t and devote some time and effort to be successful. Google tries to facilitate this with an AdWords Small Business Center which features discussion forums, a blog, and help center.

Nijiama from Le Fabuleux Events posted to the forum:

“I have been using adwords for about a year and it has become a main source of our inquiries. I think it is all about how much you are willing to spend each month (the more you spend the more your ads will show) and the key words that you use. I also pay close attention to the analytics to see what is working and what it is not working.”

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» We’d Love to Hear From You!

Thanks for visiting our new and improved Pro Blog!

Let us know how WeddingWire has helped your business, any tips you have for fellow Wedding Pros, or if there is something specific you’d like to learn about. Our goal is to tailor the Pro Blog to be most beneficial for you!

Just send us a quick email at pros@weddingwire.com.

» HOW TO: Use WeddingWire to Network

Networking is important for any small business, but maybe even more so for professionals in the wedding industry. This is why WeddingWire wants to facilitate your ability to network with fellow Wedding Pros. Take advantage of the Pros I Know, Preferred Pros, Endorsements and Associations sections of your account to garner recognition from your colleagues and potentially more business in the future.

Just click on the My Network tab within your WeddingWire account to see the different ways you can connect with other local Wedding Pros and keep track of your network stats.

Pros I Know – Send or accept invitations to connect with other Wedding Pros you know or may have worked with in the past. You can easily navigate between your connections, those you sent invitations to, and those who you received invitations from. You will be automatically notified via email when you receive a new invitation request so you will know to log into your account to make new connections! Once you are connected, you can give and receive endorsements of each others business’. Easily search for other Wedding Pros using the search bar on the far right of your screen or look through the personalized suggestions from the Pros You May Know section.

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» Profile of a Wedding Photography Expert

How do you establish yourself as an expert in your industry? Paul Van Hoy II of Fotoimpressions has been working since the age of sixteen to do just that. After receiving his MFA in Fine Arts Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and winning Microsoft’s “Photographer of the Year” award in 2008, he has striven to establish himself as a skilled and knowledgeable photographer in the wedding industry.

How did he do it? Take a look at some milestones below and get inspiration for your own business:

Start a Website or Blog – Van Hoy is the co-founder of WPW (WeddingPhotographyWorkshop.com) which is a free, online, Internet sharing and resource for aspiring and established wedding photographers. The site offers a number of articles as well as educational sessions to help fellow photographers.

Showcase Your Expertise- Published in 2011,  Wedding Photojournalism: The Business of Aesthetics focuses on how to stay competitive and continue winning new assignments, despite  challenges. Van Hoy advises fellow photographers on a wide range of business operations from improving marketing to converting client contacts.


Build Relationships – Lowepro, “The Trusted Original” camera bag producer,  showcases Van Hoy on their website as a feature photographer. Building relationships helps increase credibility for your business.

Have a recent idea or accomplishment that you’d like to share with your fellow Wedding Pros? Leave a comment below or send us an email.