» Highlights from Wedding MBA 2013!

The WeddingWire team had a fantastic three days of education, meeting wonderful wedding Pros, and fun at the annual Wedding Merchants Business Academy (WMBA) 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Here are our top 5 highlights from the conference:

1) Great education: Our team enjoyed checking out all the great educational presentations for Wedding Pros, which included four WeddingWire sessions, such as ‘Star Tech Generation Boldly Go Where No Pro Has Gone Before’ and ‘Planet of the Apps – How to Tame the Mobile Jungle’ to name a few. Additionally, WeddingWire Education Guru, Alan Berg, presented several times, with sessions such as ‘Make Your Fortune – One Cookie at a Time.’ Want more? Be sure to check out our new Education Guide for great tips to power your business from social media cheat sheets to sales strategies and much more.

2) Meeting wonderful wedding Pros: Industry conferences such as Wedding MBA and WeddingWire World are a great opportunity to get to meet some of the fantastic wedding and event Pros we work with in person! Attendees stopped by WeddingWire’s main booth for one-on-one account support sessions, to say hello and meet team members, and learn more about WeddingWire’s Network and tools.

3) Partying at the Palms: Every year, we host our annual WeddingWire party to bring together the team and attendees for an evening celebration to have fun and mix and mingle. This year, we partied at ghostbar in the Palms Casino & Resort, with a breath-taking view of Vegas from 55 stories up!

4) Powering businesses on-the-go: During the conference, guests were able to stop by our three Power Stations to charge their devices and re-boost during a busy day of note-taking, social sharing and photo ops.

5) Fun freebies: We love to share our “WeddingWire swag!” This year, each WeddingWire session had it’s own themed t-shirt, along with a ‘Work Hard: Play Hard’ bonus party t-shirt. Additionally, we had fun sharing our duel action stylus-pens, WeddingWire koozies, WeddingWire shades, and special edition Las Vegas themed glasses at our booths.

Want to get an insider’s look at Wedding MBA 2013? Check out some photos below, our Facebook album, some highlights from WeddingWireEDU’s Instagram, and also the Wedding MBA edition of our ‘Featured Pro Tweets’ series.

CS team members next in tech1 swag Virew from Palms

Were you at Wedding MBA? Let us know your highlights by commenting!