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Google search on mobilee deviceHere’s what Pros are talking about this month in the WeddingWire Pro Forums!

SEO tips for top rankings

In a Tech Tuesday post from WeddingWire Associate Director of Customer Success Brendan McClellan, Pros discuss SEO tips to help them climb to the top of search results. Plus, WeddingWire Education Expert Andy Ebon weighs in on whether or not to consider using multiple domains.

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Blogging questions

A Pro asks for help in coming up with blog post topics and tips for blogging consistently. Other Pros share their own blogs and blogs that they follow to make blogging easier, and some share their conventional wisdom based on the impact blogging has had on their search engine rankings.

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Putting together a styled shoot

A wedding planner asks for help when putting together a styled shoot. She feels she’s spending more money and time on the shoot than other Pros involved, and she wonders if that’s how it normally goes. Pros give their opinions on what she should expect and how to avoid the same issues going forward.

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Advice on owning a venue

A Pro who has been a DJ for over fifteen years recently got the opportunity to buy a wedding venue, and he needs help with his research before he moves forward. Venue owners and employees weigh in on the best sources for more information and advice for a first-time operator.

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