» Inside WeddingWire: Crash Courses

At WeddingWire, we know that great people make a great company. We have an innovative and one-of-a-kind corporate culture, and a great Human Resources team who is always dreaming up the next valuable employee benefit!

Our newest employee program is WeddingWire Crash Courses, a set of diverse training courses created to enrich the work experience and advance the knowledge of WeddingWire employees. Each course falls into one of three categories: mind, body or soul. Then, more specifically, courses focus around several types of beneficial knowledge, including: job training, skill development, entertainment, wellness and personal economics.

Additionally, this is an employee-led program, presented throughout the year, with the option for any team member to attend to learn more about the specific course. They can bring in a guest leader (such as a certified nutritionist to explain a balanced diet and health strategies) or host a self-lead course in an area of expertise (such as a mid-afternoon yoga break on a long Monday lead by a team member who is a yoga instructor).

Upcoming courses that the team is looking forward to include: Advanced Photography, the Benefits of Gmail (over Outlook), Holistic Skin Care and Holistic Fitness.

So far, the team has enjoyed coming together in small groups to learn more about a specific interest, area of personal improvement or about a program they are not experienced in. We are all looking forward to learning much more through Crash Courses this year!