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Kim Forrest is one of WeddingWire’s editors. She manages content creation on both WeddingWire and EventWire. Kim has been writing about weddings for nearly a decade, and has been quoted as a weddings expert in the New York Times, Washington Post, Slate, and more.

As 2013 comes to a close, the WeddingWire Editorial team is celebrating the launch of our WinterBook (yay!) and looking ahead to the upcoming wedding season. There are several wedding trends that started to emerge this year that we think are going to be big in 2014. So to help you prepare for those 2014 couples, check out our list of 2014 wedding trends!

The Hottest Wedding Trends for the New YearPhoto by Lane Baldwin Photography

Metallic Color Schemes
From wedding dresses to stationery, linens to cakes, expect to see a lot of gold and silver next year! We saw metallic wedding dresses at New York Bridal Market, and think this trend will carry over into décor, as well.

Art Deco
Inspired by The Great Gatsby (both the book and the 2013 movie), we’re expecting to see lots of 1920s-era décor and themes in 2014.

Unique Entertainment
Photobooths have been popular at weddings for a while now, but expect to other types of “alternative entertainment” next year. We’re thinking Slow-Motion Video Booths, I Spy or Mad Libs, lots of lawn games, and much more! Check out some of our favorite guest entertainment ideas here!

Halter Neckline Wedding Dresses
See ya later, strapless! Halter necklines were all over the runways this season. It’s a great look for brides who want to show off some gorgeous shoulders.

Radiant Orchid
Pantone just announced the Color of the Year for 2014, and it’s Radiant Orchid – a pretty pinky-purple that is a beautiful hue for wedding décor. Purple was the hot hue a few years back, so is it making a comeback? We’ll soon find out!

Custom Hashtags
Gone are the days of placing disposable cameras on guest tables – now it’s all about the Instagram hashtag as a means of collecting guest photos! Couples are creating signs to inform guests of their Instagram hashtags (#nickandsara for example) so that all of the photos of their wedding will be easily accessed.

We’re predicting that this beautiful bloom will be the hot flower for 2014. They come in a wide variety of colors and create such a lush, unique look!

600x600_1375472888634-sabadossmolinskiriverlandstudiosaj008low Photo by Riverland Studios

“Naked” Wedding Cakes
We’re not trying to be crass here, but wedding cakes without any icing are becoming a quite the trend for rustic, casual weddings.

Hanging Décor
From lanterns to flowers to ribbons, crepe paper, even parasols – couples are clamoring for décor hanging from the ceiling! It’s a striking and dramatic look that turns the traditional centerpiece upside-down!

Bridesmaid Dress Color = Mint
Pale green bridesmaid dresses were all over the runways at bridal market, so expect to see this minty fresh color at spring and summer weddings in 2014!

25 thoughts on “Get Ready for the New Year! The Hottest 2014 Wedding Trends

  1. Hi Allison,

    It seems like there are a lot of kid-themed trends listed under the “Unique Entertainment” page that you linked in your article. Do you see kids at weddings as a growing trend? Here is my view from a DJ’s perspective. Weddings are often more like family reunions, and if that’s what you want for your wedding, invite the kiddies and have a good time while everyone catches up. But if you want to PARTY with your sorority sisters and all the crew at your wedding, keep it adult-only. It’s OK to state “adults only” on the invitations if that’s what you want. Even 2 or 3 little kids at the wedding will inhibit the dance floor. Invariably, they will be the first ones on the dance floor after dinner and will prevent a big kick off to the party. The adults will gather around and say, “Aw, they’re so cute!” But 10…15…20 minutes later when they are still out there, and the adult guests have scattered to the bar and the balcony because they can’t get on the dance floor, a lot of the energy will drain away as well. Bridal couples should consider the kind of affair they want. And by all means, do your DJ a favor and clue him in if he doesn’t ask!

  2. Hi, one thing not mentioned here is that Dahlias are not available all year round and extremely delicate and easy to shatter, which for a florist is a quick road to getting complaints. Hopefully. Not something that will catch on too easily.

    One other thing, hanging flowers from the ceiling: who is supposed to get up there.

    You should be helping the brides who do not have a fortune to spend as well as the ones who do. Sadly, the ones who do not have a fortune are the ones who want to stuff that does and end up being disappointed as they can not do these expensive weddings on their small budgets.


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  4. The Traveling Photo Booth ^(http://problog.weddingwire.com/goto/http://www.thetravelingphotobooth.com) on

    Dear WeddingWire Editorial Team,

    We love your continued focus on education and helping us vendors continue to be trendsetters (or at least not left in the dust!).

    As a founder/owner/operator of a photo booth company that has 20 locally owned and operated offices across the country, I’m glad to see “Unique Entertainment” makes the list.

    Since 2005, we’ve seen a gigantic increase in demand for photo booths, photo walls, sloooow-motion video booths, and photo flip books, and other forms of photo entertainment…which are all good things!

    Not only are clients expecting entertainment that is unique and engaging but also social.

    We think the biggest trend within the entertainment category will be new ways to increase guest engagement and provide guests with easy methods of sharing their user-generated content in real-time via email and other social platforms.

    Keep on Keeping On!

    Jacob Stewart
    Co-founder, The Traveling Photo Booth

  5. I love the above comment. It’s very true. As a DJ myself, I understand that not everyone can get a babysitter, but at the same time it’s annoying to see a couple of little kids turn the dance floor into their play ground or dry slip n slide as everyone’s eating dinner.

  6. As for the naked wedding cake trend, this leads to a cake drying out by the time it is cut and served 4-7 hours later typically. Icing keeps the moisture locked in. Test the theory by leaving a slice of cake on a plate for even just 2 hours and you’ll notice it has dried out. Don’t let quality suffer for the sake of “beauty”.

  7. I appreciate the update on trends but when a magazine or website says something is a “trend”, I think you need to be talking to a lot of your advertisers.
    I am very proud of my work as a confectionary artist. “Naked cakes” are something a family member could make for a couple. The artistry is gone. Yes, they are rustic but you are now putting people who work very hard to perfect their craft out of business. This also goes for recommending couples choose a really small cake and have the rest as sheet cakes. You want our advertising dollars but you give advice to put us out of business. Hope you can see it from another perspective.

  8. Hi , Thanks for giving a glimpse of the up and coming wedding trends and stats. I am looking forward to a exciting wedding season with lots of unique and creative ideas loaded with colors.
    I love to photograph weddings, there are no two weddings alike . I love all the simple decorations and details that show off their unique style. Since these details take a lot of planning , I would hate to miss capturing them.

  9. Thanks for the insight into the upcoming trends. Any update on how brides intend to use wedding day coordinators in 2014?

  10. Thank you to everyone for the comments! There are a lot, so let me address a few of your questions here:

    Will – The “Unique Entertainment” trend is not kid-themed, although it could easily be. They are simply meant to provide out-of-the-box ideas for entertainment while at a wedding. Slow-Motion Video Booths are definitely great for adults (we had one at our holiday party!), but I can see how I Spy or Mad Libs could be construed as child-focused. They’re just examples of games to keep guests occupied and having fun. As for actually having children at weddings (which gets to Chris’s comment as well), that is always up to the couple. There are pros and cons to each, and each couple has their own ideas!

    Fran – These are just trends we see happening at weddings! Clearly, you have the better knowledge of flowers like Dahlias, and neither Kim nor I claim to be florists. That’s where your knowledge comes in – you can advise your clients about those types of seasonality or delicacy issues. As for hanging plants, I’m sure some venues may be willing to assist in hanging them. Dahlias may be expensive, but I don’t see why hanging plants would be. Not all of these trends are expensive!

    Melonie and Betty – For your concerns about “naked” wedding cakes – that is just one trend for 2014. Please note our Education Expert Christine Dyer’s post on other 2014 trends: http://problog.weddingwire.com/index.php/trends-and-stats/2014-bridal-trend-predictions/

    In her post she predicts that hand-painted wedding cakes will be big in 2014 as well! We are in no way trying to down-play the importance of a wedding cake or suggest that all brides start making their own, just sharing what others are doing to help spur inspiration. And Melonie, the “naked” cakes very well may be dry. Similarly to my comments to Fran, we’re not confectionery artists or bakers. You guys have the expertise to advise your couples based on your years of experience.

    Jacob, Denise and Veronica – Thanks for your comments, and I’m glad we could help in some way! Thanks for reading!

  11. Hi Allison, Loved looking at the halter styled wedding dresses…so happy to say “good bye” to the strapless gowns. However, I was hoping to see some hair and makeup trends for 2014, since that is what I provide the for bridal party.
    Thank you for what you do,
    Cheers, Debra

  12. With regards to the “adults only” concept, as a minister/officiant who often stays for the reception for a while, I have seen the “kid takeover” of the dance floor happen time and time again…even during the bride/groom and special dances. However, if there are any children included in the ceremony; ring bearers, flower girls, etc. it’s rude to tell your guests adults only and then allow the bridal party children to attend. They too, btw, will make the dance floor their entertainment for the evening. If you provide child activities or even a section of dance floor specifically indicated for the children, then less kid takeover on the main dance floor might occur. Parents need to be more attentive to their children if they bring them and should be responsible for making sure they remain entertained. I have found myself “babysitting” young children while the parents are off having a good time and I can’t stand to see the small children (toddlers to around age 6) abandoned because their parents think the kids should be allowed to wander around relatives and friends of the bride and groom without worry. WRONG! I’ve had to track down parents because their child fell and got hurt and where doors are left open to a hall because of outside access I’ve chased down kids that “escaped”. I’m all for the “adults only” if the couple want a party reception, but with that I am in favor of no ring bearer, flower girls or any children in the bridal party. Trends are changing, and perhaps for the adult only weddings/receptions the trend will be to eliminate the traditional child roles.

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  17. Like to hear of new trends and glad to see the mason jars and logs may take a break in our part of the world – on to glitter.
    About the naked wedding cake and how it dries out and could put bakers out of business, well, I love the look and as the one who cuts the cake, like the idea of it being neater to serve. I have an idea if the bakers haven’t thought of it. Layer the frosting in vertical rings of the cake and in between the layers also. You could put an almost invisible glaze on the outer part to keep it moist and could even make the cake bigger this way. I’m a chef and caterer – I’m not a baker, but love the challenges and think instead of saying it doesn’t work, it would be better to play with a new idea and have fun making customers happy.
    This is what I do with every job I take on – variety and change keep my customers coming back for over 35 of having a restaurant and catering business.
    Thanks for the site to give us ideas to incorporate into our business!

  18. Melinda – Thanks for commenting! We love your positive attitude towards change! It sounds like that attitude has served you well :)

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