» Inside WeddingWire: The Giving Tree

Inside WeddingWire: The Giving TreeWeddingWire is an innovative, fast-growing, and high-achieving technology company, but we’re also a company that loves to give back to our community. Our charity committee, The Giving Tree, has already collectively done so much this year, including:

  • Bone Marrow Drive: 77 people signed up to donate bone marrow to patients suffering with diseases that affect their bone marrow.
  • Fill a Child’s Backpack: 42 people signed up to bring in school supplies to fill children’s backpacks. We filled over 33 backpacks and provided 2 boxes of extra supplies!
  • Red Cross Blood Drive: 15 people signed up and gave blood. Each person’s donation was enough to save 3 people’s lives – that’s 45 lives saved!
  • Writing Letters to Our Troops: Our team wrote 27 letters and sent them to our troops overseas.
  • Navy Yard Bake Sale: To help the families affected by the tragic Navy Yard shootings, we held a bake sale that raised $446.

…And we’re not done yet! WeddingWire is excited to announce several more charity initiatives this holiday season:

Canned Food Drive

Our annual fall canned food drive is back for 2013! For four weeks, we’re collecting canned food donations from employees, with a donation counter posted in our café. We’re making participation a priority and aiding our company in achieving these charity goals. We’ve set a corporate goal of 1,500 cans of food – that’s an average of 7.5 cans of food per employee!

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