» Washington Post Live’s What Works Recap

We wanted to share a few photos and thoughts from today’s Washington Post Live panel discussion, Ideas and Innovation, featuring DARPA Director Dr. Regina Dugan, Google VP of Research and Special Initiatives Alfred Spector, WeddingWire CEO Timothy Chi,  and Moderator, Mary Jordan (Editor, Washington Post Live). The three discussed a range of topics applicable to small and large businesses alike and how urgency often inspires greater innovation. Jordan posed the question, what one phrase or mantra do you keep on your desk and try to keep in mind during your day. The answers?

 “We don’t encourage failure. We discourage the fear of failure.”

–  Dr. Regina Dugan,  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

“Try very hard to say ‘yes’.”

– Alfred Spector, Google

“And if you’re going to fail, fail fast.”

–  Timothy Chi, WeddingWire


While there were many takeaways from such an intelligent and experienced panel of speakers, some key things to consider and apply to your business:

1. Urgency inspires greater innovation.

2. A team increases the likelihood of success.

3. Innovation isn’t always a linear process.


Photos thanks to Ralph Alswang Photography


» American Competitiveness: What Works

Join us on Tuesday, February 14 as WeddingWire’s CEO, Timothy Chi, participates in Washington Post Live’s (the live journalism division of The Washington Post) 4-day summit (Feb. 13-16), American Competitiveness: What Works.  Tim will be among local and national innovators, leaders and executives from Google, JetBlue and Honest Tea, discussing forward-thinking in American Manufacturing, Innovation, Global Competitiveness, and Workforce, Veterans and Reservists.

If you’re in the area, start your Valentine’s Day with us at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium to observe Tim’s panel discussion, Ideas and Innovation, with Dr. Regina Dugan (Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), Alfred Spector (VP of Research and Special Initiatives, Google) and Moderator, Mary Jordan (Editor, Washington Post Live). If you can’t make it in person, we encourage you to join the conversation via live stream, available here on Tuesday.

Click here for more information and to register. Registration is free but, space is limited.