» KISSinsights: An Easy Way to Get Answers

Analytics and tracking can be confusing and trying to figure out how customers are finding you can feel impossible.  How often have you asked a potential client, “Where did you find us?” and the answer was, “The Internet.” How do you know where your customers ACTUALLY found you?  Google? Facebook? One of your online ads?

KISSinsights is a free and easy, two question, unobtrusive survey that you can add to your website or blog.  You have the ability to customize the questions to make sure they are relevant to your advertising and marketing efforts. There are also upgraded options to allow for even more personalization.  KISSinsights prides themselves on their questionnaires being private, targeted, and polite.

If you’re interested in learning more about this easy way to track your direct leads, click here.

» Get More Online Referrals

How do you generate new business? This is very good question to ask yourself.  Through surveys and discussions, we have found that a significant amount of vendors in the industry rely on referrals from their happy customers (“word of mouth”) and networking groups for business growth.  Relying solely on these two ways of generating new business can make it very challenging for vendors to sometimes predict and control business growth.  This is where the internet can play in.

I found a good post that highlights some key things to consider when looking to use the internet to get more referrals.  Here is a quick summary:

  • Great product and service = happy customer. Word spreads fast online so having happy and satisfied customers will help your business (subscribing to your blog, connecting with you on LinkedIn, following you on Twitter, etc.). On the other hand, unhappy customers can easily cause harm to your online reputation. So make sure to maintain a high level of your product and service!
  • Be committed! Your clients have to be willing to refer you, so you have to be committed to making sure they see success and are please with your product and service. To do this, you have to know your client and develop a level of understanding and trust. Look for ways to always maintain and improve this relationship to make sure expectations are being met.
  • Give good reason. Find ways to connect with your clients online by engaging in inbound marketing – create good, educational content on your website (that is easy to understand), blog about yourself and your business, engage in social interaction with your clients (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.). All of these ways will help you connect with your clients and in return give them a good reason to refer you.

So I turn the question over to you, how do you generate more business?  Share in the comments section!

» Facebook hits 150 million users

Facebook reached a big milestone yesterday.  There are now 150 million people around the world actively using Facebook and almost half of them are using the site every day, according to a post on the official Facebook Blog yesterday.  Back in August 2008, the site hit 100 million active users, which means the number of active users has grown 50% in a matter of 4 months! And not to mention, the site is less than 5 years old.

What started off as a platform utilized mostly by college students, Facebook is now being used by people of all ages, including grandparents, parents, and children.  The site is also available in more than 35 different languages and 170 countries and territories.

As mentioned in a previous post, Facebook can be used as great online resource to help you reach today’s wired brides!

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Do you have any predictions on how the site will continue to evolve in 2009?  Share them in the comments section!

» Looking for someone on Twitter?

You can now use Twitter People Search to track them down! Twitter is much more useful when you can find the accounts of your friends, colleagues, competitors or companies that interest you.  So whether you are searching for a friend or for WeddingWire, just click the “Find People” in the navigation bar at the top of your Twitter homepage and search away!

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