» Social Search: Bing and Facebook Collide

Earlier this year, Facebook announced their new feature, Graph Search. Following this announcement, Bing revealed that its search results will now include 5 times more content from users’ Facebook friends. The concept of search results being customized and personalized by user based on their social networks is referred to as Social Search and is a huge technology trend for the future.

What type of content is shared with Social Search? Search results on Bing will include status updates, links, and comments. Now, Bing will show your organic search results on the left side of the results page, paid per click advertisements in the center, and social media – primarily Facebook – results on the right hand side.

So, what does this mean for your business? This announcement by Bing, one of the top three largest search engines, is yet another reason why it is so important for your business to be on Facebook and developing a consistent presence on top social media sites by sharing valuable content with your audiences. To develop a strong presence, you should post on a regular basis, but also be sure to engage with your fans and get them sharing and liking your posts and comments by providing them with relevant education, fun topics and asking for their feedback.

What do you think about the future of Social Search and Bing’s recent announcement?