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Last week, a recent study by UK market research firm Trendstream found that Google+ has the second most active users on the web, only trumped by Facebook. Many people were surprised that this social network site passed YouTube and Twitter, but Google+ now boasts 342 million active users. If you haven’t already created an account for your business, get started today – and don’t miss out creating a presence on this social network!

We are excited to announce that WeddingWireEDU now has a Google+ Profile. Be sure to add us to your Circles in order to stay on top of the latest small business news, tech trends, top tools and more to Power Your Business!

Still not sold on Google+? While this network has been a bit slow to catch on for engagement level in comparison to sites such as Twitter and Pinterest, Google has promised that Google+ profiles will factor more in search rankings over time. What does this mean? Creating an active presence and building content on this site now can lead to positive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) impact in the future. With Social Search a growing tech trend, more and more people are beginning to take note of Google+, create and fill out their profiles, and share posts directing to blog, website and industry related content.

Add WeddingWireEDU to your Circles today – and give us a shout! Share your questions, your latest inspiration, or any interesting articles you have recently read. We would love to hear from you!

Questions about Google+ or getting started? Check out this post!

4 thoughts on “Follow WeddingWire EDU on Google+!

  1. Hi! A already have a Google+1 personal account, where I showcase my work….but do I need to set up a separate account for my business too? Is this even possible to have both?

  2. Hi Lacie! Yes, You are able to have a separate business and personal Google+ account. Google even advises that you do so! You just need to set up your business account with a separate email for business. Here is more information: http://support.google.com/affiliatenetwork/publisher/answer/138716?hl=en ^(http://problog.weddingwire.com/goto/http://support.google.com/affiliatenetwork/publisher/answer/138716?hl=en). If your name is strongly associated with your business, and all the items you post are business-friendly, then you may want to use one account, but the option to create multiple is available.

  3. Wonderful, thank you Kari!

  4. Kari, I created a separate Google+ account, but when I went to name it, I had to use my first and last name instead of my business name, Couture Cake Jewelry…..I used my business name as my Nickname, but now it shows as Lacie Nichols (Couture Cake Jewelry) It said if I change the name, then it will change it in all of my Google Accounts….so I was reluctant to change it to Couture Cake Jewelry.

    I didn’t see an option to create a “Business Google+ Account” How should I proceed??
    Thank you!!

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