» 4 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook Without Paying for Ads

Use Facebook Live

The best way to boost your engagement is to post videos using Facebook Live! Not only does it give your audience a glimpse of your personality, it is also optimized by Facebook to get more eyeballs on your post.

When you go Live on your page, Facebook will notify a random handful of your followers and invite them to watch your live video. This ensures that people will see your post, get them watching while you are live, and get them engaging more heavily on your page.

If you’re struggling with how to use Facebook Live to attract couples, check out our article on that here.

Put your Call to Action FIRST

Asking questions and telling your audience to comment is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your Facebook page. When you ask people to do something, they will be way more likely to take action than if you leave it up to them to decide.

However, don’t wait until the end of your post to ask your question or tell people to comment! Put those call to actions in the beginning of your post to ensure your audience will see them.

For example, instead of saying, “This is becoming a popular wedding trend. What do you think about it?” you can write, “Comment and let us know if you would do this trend at your wedding! It’s becoming popular, so we want to know your thoughts.”

Incentivize your audience

Give your audience good reason to react and comment on your posts – like helping themselves or their friends earn rewards! Contests are always great for skyrocketing engagement. Here are some ideas for how to incentivize your audience:

  • Photographers can post sneak peeks and give free prints or bonus images if the couple’s sneak peek gets a certain number of likes and comments. This will incentivize them to share with their friends and get a ton of people seeking out your page.
  • Any vendor can host a contest where the winner will get a discounted package or a bonus added into their package if selected. Ask your audience to comment with their wedding date or answer a question to enter – don’t require people share the post for entry in order to stay in compliance with Facebook’s contest guidelines.
  • Any vendors that do work outside of weddings can post a testimonial along with an image of the couple, and reward that couple with discounts or credits for future services if their testimonial gets a certain number of likes and comments.