» 5 Things Couples Look for in Your Wedding Reviews

Understand what couples look for in your wedding reviewsBefore reaching out to a wedding professional, brides and grooms like to read wedding reviews to get a better understanding of your business. In fact, our data shows that 83% of searching couples like to hear what they should expect, not from the vendors themselves, but from past customers who’ve been in their position.

We’ve compiled the top five factors engaged couples look for in your wedding reviews to help you understand the frame of mind your potential clients have when evaluating your business:


One of the biggest things couples look for in your past reviews is whether or not reviewers comment on your responsiveness. Since research shows that most couples expect to hear back from a vendor within 24 hours, your ability to respond quickly and effectively is a huge consideration during the planning process. On average, 10 wedding vendors are involved in a couple’s wedding, so they’re constantly communicating back and forth with multiple pros. They need a professional who won’t make them chase him or her down to get an answer to a question or sign a contract.


When looking at all your past reviews, couples are most interested in pros that have consistently positive reviews. They’re looking to see if most of your clients had a similar experience, and reading the comments your clients have made to see what patterns may emerge. While consistency is key, it’s okay to have a few less-than-favorable reviews scattered throughout your review history. Survey data suggests that 72% of consumers find a variety of opinions to be valuable when reading through reviews. Couples understand that feedback is subjective and having a few imperfect reviews does not necessarily prevent a customer from contacting you!

Quality of Work

Obviously, the quality of your work is a huge consideration for newly engaged couples – everyone has a wedding vision and wants to hire the right professional to turn it into a reality. Potential clients look for reviewers commenting on how perfect the day was, and if there was anything that could be improved about the process with your business. A great way to display the quality of your work to support your positive reviews is to update the photos on your Storefront on a regular basis.


Because the wedding day is typically a tight timeline with many tasks and events that must be coordinated, your timeliness is an important factor that brides and grooms look for in your wedding reviews. A reviewer (or multiple reviewers) complaining that you or an employee were late suggests to potential clients that you may be unreliable. Again, a few complaints along these lines can often end up being isolated incidents under special circumstances, but it could be hurting your inquiries if problems with timeliness are shown to be a pattern by multiple reviewers.


At the end of the day – no matter what your service category is – engaged couples are looking to hire a professional. They’re looking for someone to guide them through the process, because most couples (if they’re lucky!) have never been married before. They need a partner who knows the ins and outs of the industry and can help them prepare. Potential clients scour your reviews to look for comments on your interactions with past clients as well as other professionals and wedding guests. The content of your emails and sales consultations also plays into your professionalism, so remember to be professional in all your interactions with a potential client.

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