» 5 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals

Referrals are key to making your wedding and event business thrive! Reviews on top industry sites, exposure on leading social media sites, personal word of mouth recommendations, referrals from other industry Pros, (and more!), are all great ways to gain powerful business exposure and build trust with potential new clients.

Referrals are one of the most powerful tools available for  growing your business, yet many Pros are hesitant to actively ask for them! Don’t miss out great new clients. We have compiled 5 simple tips you can start with today to get more business!

  • Set expectations: Early in the client process, let your client know that feedback, reviews and referrals are very important to you. Explain this feedback helps you better your business, and gain new clients. Indicate that you appreciate and value all clients feedback, and that you will be following up to ask for it after their event. Having this conversation during the planning process will let them know it is important to you, and they will be more likely to act on your request and expect that it is coming!
  • Ask for feedback: It’s time to act! Request reviews as part of your standard post-event follow up routine. The WeddingWire Review Collector tool makes it super easy to import your clients, and pre-schedule request emails. If you are not sure you want the client to submit a review, still follow up and ask for feedback and if they would recommend you to another engaged couple. They will appreciate that you care to check in on how you did, and all feedback can be valuable as you build your business. You may even remind them they have another friend to refer you to with the polite nudge!
  • Consider an incentive: If you really want to encourage past clients to refer your business consider offering some sort of an incentive. Offer a discount on another service, or a fun freebie related to their event or your business.
  • Say thank you: Always, always say thank you for your reviews and referrals! Let the referrer know that you appreciate their feedback, and be sure to acknowledge their support for your business. They took the time to write you a recommendation or share your information with a contact, so it is important you show the same respect and address their referral to maintain the positive relationship. It could lead to many more in the future!
  • Network: In the wedding and event industry, networking is key! Many Pros are asked who they recommend in the local area for a wide variety of service categories, so making connections with other professionals is very important and an easy way to book more business. Join local organizations, national Associations in your service category, attend local networking events, and always take the time to introduce yourself to other vendors working the events you book. Not a comfortable networker? Check out our tips!

Get started with these 5 easy tips, and start building your business to the next level with more clients, more booked events and more inquiries today!