» Are You Too Busy to be Successful? A Look Back and a Look Forward

This article was written by WeddingWire Education Guru, Alan Berg. Alan has over 20 years experience in wedding related sales and marketing, and is a member of the National Speakers Association, an author, and founder of The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference, an organization dedicated to the educating and consulting of highly motivated individuals and businesses. Learn more at http://alanberg.com/.

Last year I did a survey to get an idea how you’re all faring as the economy recovers. The good news out of the survey was that, at least at the beginning of the year, most of you felt your 2013 was going to be better than 2012, or even your best year ever. That was very encouraging news after quite a few years of, what felt like, a black cloud hanging over all of us.

The beauty of the wedding industry is that it’s recession-resistant. It’s not recession-proof, as many of us discovered. Even in the depths of a recession couples are still getting married, but things change. However, I’ve been in and around this industry for over 23 years, through many good times and many bad. What I’ve found is that, despite the economy, there are always those who find a way to survive, and even thrive, in any economy.

Are You Too Busy to be Successful?How’s business?

I remember meeting a wedding pro on a flight to Las Vegas for a conference, back in 2009, the depths of the recession. We’d known each other for many years, way back to when I was publishing wedding magazines in New Jersey. I asked him “How’s business?” and he answered “Fantastic, and it scares me.” When I asked why it scared him, he said it was because he didn’t know why it was so good, while others around him were crying wolf.

Seize the opportunity

I told him that I had a pretty good idea why business was so good for him. He’s always been proactive and never afraid to invest in his business, good times or bad. He would take the highest visibility ad placements and best bridal show booth placement. While others were finding a rock to crawl under, waiting for the recession to pass, he was grabbing every opportunity to stand out. Fortunately for him, his competitors were literally giving him more business by pulling back on their marketing and placements. What do you do when things are looking bad? Do you pull back, or do you take the opportunity to grab market share, while it’s easy?

How do you define success?

Each of us defines our success. For some it’s defined by money. For others it’s the time we have with family or for personal endeavors. For others still, it’s creative or technical measures. What is it for you? What defines your success? There’s no right or wrong answer. Success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

What was your goal for last year? Was it a certain number of weddings and events? Was it a particular gross sales dollar amount? Or, was there some other measure? How did you do?

Survey says…

So, it’s that time again. I want to see how your year ended up, and how you’re feeling about the coming year. How was your 2013? Did it live up to your expectations? Did you make your goals, exceed them or fall short? Are you too busy to be successful?

I’ve set up a special link for WeddingWire event pros. The anonymous survey is only 10 questions, plus a couple for demographic info. Share your voice. Share your success. I’ll be sharing the results of the survey in a future blog post. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Thanks, in advance for participating.

Here’s the survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/busy2014