» Power Your Client Management System with WeddingWire

Did you know you can manage your entire business through your premium WeddingWire account? Over 60% of our first year Pros have tried our Client Management tools as a way to digitally send contracts, invoices, questionnaires and more!

Power Your Client Management System with WeddingWireEven if you already have a customer relationship management system in place, WeddingWire’s Client Management tools offer a number of advantages over an outside system. Below are a few reasons why managing the whole client relationship process using your WeddingWire account will benefit your business!

Because our tools are within your WeddingWire account they’ll save you time, and they’re also extremely user-friendly for your clients. Potential clients can submit inquiries through your WeddingWire Storefront and receive word back from you via customizable auto-reply emails. When they decide to book your business, you can easily see your upcoming, past and completed events at a glance to track your past and current inquiries and booked weddings in one place.

In addition to easily managing your inquiries and bookings, WeddingWire makes it easy for you to send contracts and receive signed copies back quickly through the e-signing feature. Your clients will be directed to a customizable Client Site that is password-protected and secure. They’ll be able to view whatever you publish for them, such as a contract, invoice, or questionnaire in a safe and client-specific environment. You can easily customize your client site by changing the color scheme, or adding an image or logo so each site is branded as an extension of your business website but personalized for your client with their details. Keep in mind your clients do not have to have a WeddingWire account to access the client site and it is completely mobile friendly!

When you’ve used your Client Site to send documents back and forth securely and you have your signed contract ready, you can also accept online payments using your WeddingWire account. Our ePayments feature allows online payments to be received via each Client Site and sends them directly to your bank account, while automatically tallying the amount against the invoice for ultra-easy bookkeeping. Received a check in the mail? No problem. You can always manually record any payment you receive anytime.

The Tasks tab helps you to keep all the little details on schedule for each client’s event. You can schedule tasks for today, tomorrow, or anytime in the future, and you’ll be notified if your tasks are past due so you can get back on track! If you don’t have time to set up tasks, you can also use our SmartTasks feature to auto-create tasks for each of your events based on where you are in the planning process with each client!

Even if your business has a client management system in place, WeddingWire’s suite of client tools will help your business manage the process from start to finish. To learn more about the Client Management Tools in your WeddingWire account, visit the Education tab for additional training materials!

Don’t have a Premium membership? Email pros@weddingwire.com to get started.