» Top Marketing Resolutions for 2013: Part 1

The start of a new year is a perfect time to evaluate your business. What defines success? What changes can you make to enhance your marketing strategy? Check out this four part series which highlights WeddingWire CMO, Sonny Ganguly’s top 20 marketing must-dos for 2013!

Check out part one below, and check back soon for the next three sections!

16 thoughts on “Top Marketing Resolutions for 2013: Part 1

  1. For $85.00 a month which is what I PAY to be on Wedding Wire as a Professional Vendor I would think WW would be doing that FOR me!

  2. Since I’ve been given all these new tools to work with from WeddingWire, I’ve certainly increased the number of calls saying they found me on WeddingWire. I’ve noticed other sites copying the same format! Thanks for the tips and all the help!

  3. Nancie, I’m another vendor just like you and from my experience, can say that Wedding Wire offers a good quality service and amazing tips and advice for branding and online advertising. Building your business costs time and money but worth it in the long run.

    WW, Looking forward to the other 15 resolutions!!!

  4. Now a day there is more talk about SEO, page ranking than good quality work from the photographers? Importance of the marketing tools is available to all of us but remember your quality work will separate yourself from other photographer on the market. I have seem some of the top ranking photographers in my area just because he or she is doing all the marketing right does not lead them to more work! Therefore look both direction before crossing, it is NOT a one way ticket to success.

    Vancouver Wedding Photographer
    Wayne Lam
    Creative Media Director
    ‘Art of Storytelling’

  5. Nancie – for $85 a month you cant expect wedding wire to build your business for you, thats your job however they give great advice on how to go about it.

    SEO is really not that hard make sure you have a good SEO friendly website. That means make sure to have content on your website not just photos! And if your using a Flash website get rid of it .. it does nothing for you but look pretty.

  6. Excellent list. We advise many of our clients on the same strategies. The most successful Small Business owners are actively engaged in their own marketing, even if they outsource or get consulting help along the way.

  7. The back-linking and SEO seems to work with google these days so this list makes sense. Who knows what comes next from google :) ?

  8. Great list thanks. Can you send more information on SEO?

  9. Nancy, that would be great!!! I don’t understand much about computers and all the things
    listed here so even though they give us a list of things to do, I don’t know how to do them.

  10. Lot’s of great tips but the #1 marketing tool in my opinion is to push ourselves as photographers and let our pictures set us apart from all the local photographers. Being ranked #1 on Google won’t get you booked unless you have the work to back it up.

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